The Enforcer - A Short Screenplay

The Enforcer is the story of Trevor, an unemployed young man living in San Francisco. Rapidly running low on funds, Trevor wakes up one morning and prepares for an important interview downtown. He showers, shaves, and picks the perfect outfit before he gets in his car and drives off to the interview. When he arrives at the building downtown he realizes that he only has a few quarters to plug the parking meter, which will only get him about twenty minutes. Unable to secure change at local stores and fearing he will be late for his interview, Trevor decides to attend his interview with only a few minutes on the meter. Tensions rise as Trevor enters his interview. There’s a good chance that by the time he gets back to his car he’ll have a ridiculously over priced parking ticket he can’t afford, but if he nails the interview and gets the job then he’ll be able to afford the ticket and it won’t matter. As Trevor attends the interview, The Enforcer, a ruthless SFMTA traffic enforcer gradually make his way up the street where Trevor’s car is parked. Will time, luck, or Trevor’s skills determine his fate?