The Omega Man - A Sound Experience

This was one of the most difficult, but rewarding projects that I worked on during my time in film school. The assignment, which was for my Sound 2 Class, was to select a script for an existing film and adapted it into a 2-5 minute piece using only sound effects, voice over, and music. No visuals.

It was originally supposed to be a group project with me and two other guys, but the bums couldn’t be bothered to keep in touch or contribute anything meaningful. Three weeks behind schedule with a week to go before the project is due, I finally realize that the bums are never going to contribute anything, so I take it upon myself to write the script for the project and put it together all by myself. I spent countless hours in post production labs at my school putting together as many sound effects, music cues, and voice overs that I could scrounge together in a week. It was a grueling process, but I was able to finish the project the night before it was due and ended up getting the highest grade in the class.

The source material for the 1971 film The Omega Man starring Charleton Heston. Based on the 1954 novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, the film follows U.S. Army Colonel. Robert Neville, M.D. as he battles for his life against an army of nocturnal mutants in the aftermath of a biological war between Russia and China that has seemingly caused a plague that has infected the entire planet, except for Neville.